Hideki Tojo's early life

Young Tojo
            General Hideki Tojo was born December 30th 1884 in Tokyo, Japan. Tojo was born to a Lieutenant General in Japan's military. Tojo had always been very intelligent and he did very well in both primary and secondary school. in 1905, Tojo joined a very prestigious military college and graduated at the top of his class. soon after graduating, Tojo went to Switzerland with the Japanese army. In 1909, Tojo married a well respected woman named Katsuko Ito. With her, he had three sons and four daughters.
               Up to this point, you might have noticed that Tojo was more of a traditional figure than Mussolini and Hitler. Tojo was from a upper-class family and did well in school. He then married a well respected woman and had many kids. Want to know more about the differences and similarities between Mussolini, Hitler and Tojo? Jump right into the Synthesis section and take a look at out analysis! (ˇˍˇ)