Hideki Tojo's rise to power

         Before being appointed to Prime Minister in 1941, Tojo had an extensive, successful military history. In 1933, after periods in Switzerland and Germany, Tojo was appointed to major general, two years after that in 1935, he was appointed head of the Kwatung armu's military police. between March 1937 and may 1938, Tojo earned the titles of Lieutenant General and Chief of Staff of the Kwatung army respectively. Later in May, 1938, Tojo was vice minister of war, however, he turned it down so that he could continue his work in the armed services. in early 1941, Tojo was appointed Minister of war by Fuminaro Kondoye. Then on October 16th, 1941, Tojo was appointed to Prime minister by the emperor. While Prime minister, he kept his job as Minister of war.
            From the picture on the left, I can see Tojo's ambition in his eyes. Do you see it? o(>﹏<)o